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Only administrators can add new users.

Username:  This can be anything.  Usually your first\family name is a good idea.  Usernames have to be unique on the website so you may need to try a couple of options if you get an error.

Email:  This is the email address you want to use for your account communication & login.  Email addresses have to be unique on the website too so you can’t use the same address for two accounts.

Password: You can enter anything in as a password.  Don’t re-use a password you use to access any sensitive services such as your online banking, email, or social accounts. 

* You can login to the website with either your username or email address – both will work.

Important! Please read this before clicking Register...

Steps required to create an account:
  1. Complete the Account registration form
  2. Complete the Google reCAPTCHA – I’m not a robot verification to confirm you are indeed not a robot!
  3. Click Register
  4. Check your email for an Account Confirmation\Activation email (details below)
  5. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email
  6. Login with your new account.

If you try to login without an activated account you will be notified with a link to re-send the activation email.   

Where is the email?

  • The email is from :  Simply Yoga Website (services @
  • The email subject is: Please confirm your registration on Simply Yoga 
  • The email can take a couple of minutes to arrive.
  • Check your Junk\Spam email folder if you don’t see it.  
  • You may need to move the email from your Junk\Spam folder to your inbox folder to use the verification link in the email.