Simply Yoga

Established more than 20 years ago, Simply Yoga is an independent yoga school offering students the opportunity to find a balance of the physical body and the mind, to enhance and support busy lifestyles.

Yoga to support your lifestyle

Yoga has so much more to offer than just the asana (poses).
At Simply Yoga you have access to a wide range of tools and styles to support your lifestyle. 

Physical poses (Asana)

Based on the Iyengar style of yoga, in class you will learn how to work with your body safely and mindfully, creating a body which is stronger, more agile and more effective. With regular classes and practice you will have a body that will allow you to live, not limit, improving on or maintaining where you are today.

Group & Individual Retreats

Held throughout the year, Group retreats generally take place over a 3 day weekend. Retreats offer asana, pranayama, restorative yoga, philosophy, and include plant-based diet (based on Ayurvedic principles). Different levels and themes are offered at different times of the year to support the needs of the season (ie. pre-Christmas focusses on quietening the mind and managing stress levels) Individual retreats are suitable for absolute beginners, through to people looking to deepen their practice and to further develop their skills towards maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Introductory Meditation and Breath work

Each class concludes with breath work leading into basic meditation tools. Students are offered an introduction to daily habits of breathing, using the breath as a vehicle to meditation and Pranayama.
Workshops and retreats offer an opportunity to delve deeper into your meditation practice.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Be guided through your pregnancy with a specialised, supportive yoga practice.

Private classes

Bespoke, private classes are available for students who would like a more individual approach - whether to address a specific health issue, or if they are looking to deepen their yoga practice.


Regular workshops are held to support those students looking to develop their knowledge of yoga and to deepen their personal practice.

Benefits of yoga

Worded simply,  yoga means union

By combining stretch, strength and breathing techniques, students practising yoga can reduce stress, improve body function and increase mobility, flexibility and balance.  In learning to understand poses through alignment and containment, students are able to create a balance of the body, the mind and the emotions.


what simply yoga students say...

Being a keen surfer in my 50s, I need to be fit and agile enough to take on the rigours of paddling and the power of the waves. Yoga as my 'core' fitness regime has enabled me to not only to carry on surfing but to surf better than ever in my life! I especially enjoy the holistic and technical side to yoga that Marise brings. Not only has it enabled me to stay fit and active, but also healthy grounded and calm. I am a better person all round because of yoga.
Keen surfer
Marise is a crucial part of my physical and mental well-being. Simply as a stress management tool my yoga with her is vital to me. Add to that the muscle tone that yoga gives, and it makes for a happy mind and body all round.
Working mum
It's hard work sometimes, but Marise's Simply Yoga is simply transforming my body. Three years ago after 54 years of virtually no exercise, and a full on international career, which lead me to a myriad of physical and mental problems, I became a student of simply yoga. It wasn't easy and sometimes still isn't but now at 57, I am developing the strength and flexibility which I know will be the bedrock of my wellbeing in the future. Marise's teaching is very individually orientated - she has an innate ability to 'read' each of her students - even in a class environment.
Former business professional

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Trying yoga for the first time, or joining a new school can sometimes be daunting but you can rest assured that the students at Simply Yoga will make you feel instantly at ease. Get in touch today – we look forward to meeting you.