Simply Yoga Zen Planner Member Connect Portal

Below are some sections to help you get started with Simply Yoga and Zen Planner.  If you don’t find what you are looking for please Contact us.

If you see this dialogue displayed the browser you are using cannot display the Zen Planner embedded content correctly.  Presently Google Chrome and Safari have this issue.

  1.  You can try using a different web browser.
  2. Use the Simply Yoga Zen Planner Mini Site (opens in a new tab\window) – this is a non-embedded instance of Zen Planner that will work in any browser.  It may look a little different but it operates the same way.
  3. You can also use the Zen Planner Member App on your mobile device. 
This issue is related to a change in the way cookies are handled by certain browsers when embedding is used.  Zen Planner are working to resolve this issue.

If you use the Zen Planner App on your mobile device you can use the same login to sign in here.  The information displayed in the app is the same as can be accessed here.  You may find that managing your Simply Yoga Zen Planner account is best accomplished by logging in here. 

Please use the Zen Planner App to access your account on mobile  devices.  This part of the website is best viewed on devices with larger screens.

If you have never attended a class before it is advised that you get in contact with Marise initially to arrange your first class.  Your new account can also be created after class at the studio.

You can create a new login by clicking the Sign Up Now link on the Zen Planner Login Page

Please note that you will need to purchase a membership or concession card during the sign up process.  Please contact Marise if you would like an account created but not sign up for anything yet.  

Make sure you are not trying to login with your old\existing login for the Simply Yoga website.  Zen Planner and the website use different systems which don’t talk to each other even though they may use the same email address and be accessed through the Simply Yoga website.  Zen Planner login passwords must be at least 8 characters long.

If you are unable to login you can use the Forgot Your Password link on the Zen Planner Login Page to have a password reset link sent to your registered email address.  Remember to check in your Junk\Spam folders if you don’t see the email.  It can take a couple of minutes to arrive.

If you are unable to reset your account password you may not have an account yet or possibly used an alternate email address.  If you are sure you have an account please get in contact and we will have a look for you.  Otherwise you can create a new account yourself:  See the I don’t have a login section above. 


Get in touch with us via our Contact Page